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Book Review

Stacked Deck

by Tom Williams

Lawrence E. Mitchell’s book, Stacked Deck, is the latest title in the Temple University Press series, “America in Transition: Radical Perspectives.” In it, he argues that the typically American values of rugged individualism and... Read More

Book Review

Rollo Bones, Canine Hypnotist

by Dawn Farley

Rollo, the yellow dog with soulful eyes, has a special talent. Just gazing into his big, sad eyes can hypnotize even those who don’t believe. His master, now manager, the Brain puts Rollo to work. They perform for audiences all over... Read More

Book Review

Why Am I an Only Child?

by Martha Topol

Mixing bold-faced standard computer type with hand-drawn text, this book addresses the issue of being an only child. Eudora is a rhinoceros who feels confused and angry because she’s an only child. When she asks her well-dressed... Read More

Book Review

The Cockfighter

by Ray Nargis

Fighting bird proprietor Sonny Cantrell slouches forward through a miasma of rural fits and starts into the tentative landscape of young manhood as the central character in Manley’s debut novel The Cock Fighter. Covering just two days... Read More

Book Review


by Rich Wertz

Spectacular sunsets, secret lights from outer space, a mysterious and probably conspiratorial organization, and subterranean journeys appear like highway water mirages in G.W. Hawkes’ quirky short novel about two old hermits and their... Read More

Book Review


by Robin Farrell Edmunds

Glorie is octogenarian Glorie Carcieri, the opinionated and determined protagonist in the debut novel of Caryn James, the chief television critic for The New York Times, and a frequent Times contributor of film and book critiques.... Read More

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