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2014 HONORABLE Mention for Pets

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Dogs and Disturbance

William Edmund Evans, Molly the Rottweiler (contributor), Mojo the wheel dog (contributor), and Maddie the lead dog (compiler)
William Edmund Evans
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Book Review

Dogs and Disturbance

by Margaret Fedder

Surprisingly resonant poetry with skillful use of language reveals how animal companions teach us about life and death. Heartfelt verses written for a beloved pet have no doubt graced the journal pages of many a would-be poet. With "Dogs... Read More

2010 Finalist for Pets

2015 BRONZE Winner for Pets

2017 GOLD Winner for Pets & Animals

Book Review

Knit Your Own Dog

by Megan Ward

As knitting becomes increasingly popular, it has branched beyond garments and blankets. Knitting toys and oddities, such as Japanese-style amigurumi—small and whimsical knit or crocheted people and objects—is on the rise. Combine... Read More

Book Review

Cooking With Dogs

by Pat Wolff

When you hear a dog barking in your neighborhood, think about this-there are another 52.9 million dogs being loved and taken care of by 31 percent of the population. We are dog parents who treat our pets like children. Most of the... Read More

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