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Book Review


by Karen Rigby

"Gillyflower" is an intelligent romance about frustrated encounters. In Diane Wald’s meditative literary novel "Gillyflower", a fan is beguiled with an actor. In 1984, Nora watches an Irish “actor’s actor,” Hugh, perform in a... Read More

Book Review

Love Through All Strife

by Karen Rigby

"Love Through All Strife" is a quixotic historical novel filled with entertaining episodes. J. P. Hogan’s "Love Through All Strife" depicts a rescue mission following a Central American government being overthrown. Nineteen-year-old... Read More

Book Review

All Those Tears We Can't See

by Claire Foster

All Those Tears We Can’t See is a dramatic, cross-cultural coming-of-age novel set between two very different worlds. In Gita Audhya’s passionate multigenerational drama All Those Tears We Can’t See, a young woman navigates the... Read More

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