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Book Review

The BackYard Orchardist

by Diane Prokop

The science of growing fruit is complex, but Otto takes the mystery out of it. Anyone can throw a few seeds into the ground and end up with a couple of radishes. However, harvesting a passel of pears from a backyard tree is a bit more... Read More

Book Review

Five-Plant Gardens

by Elizabeth Millard

This is a well-tended and weed-free guidebook that’s likely to serve as a go-to resource for any type of gardener. One of the most challenging parts of gardening isn’t digging into the soil or dealing with pests—it’s planning... Read More

Book Review

More Food from Small Spaces

by Nancy Walker

“Better to eat vegetables and fear no creditors, than eat duck and hide from them,” counsels the Talmud, a book of Jewish teachings. In More Food From Small Spaces, Margaret Park provides a cornucopia of techniques for growing... Read More

Book Review

Touch a Butterfly

by Elizabeth Millard

At the start of her lively guide for wildlife gardening, author April Pulley Sayre asks a provocative question: “Are you that family? The slightly wild one, with wide-eyed, active kids, always into messes, ready to explore?” Even if... Read More

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