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2015 Finalist for Fantasy

2015 Finalist for Juvenile Nonfiction

Book Review

No Touch Monkey!

by Thomas BeVier

So is it true, as jokester-man Stephen Colbert attests, that there is a laugh to be gotten on nearly every page of Ayun Halliday’s book about her pre-internet world travel misadventures? A random test is called for. Open book. Page 89.... Read More

Book Review

Gerbil, Uncurled

by Catherine Reed-Thureson

Little Gerbil cannot follow one of the all-important mottos of gerbil life: no matter how hard she tries, or how much she pretends, she cannot sleep curled nose to toes. She decides that she must tell the other gerbils the truth, and by... Read More

Book Review

Bring Me to Life

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Cannibalism … hmmm … not exactly romantic—hard to imagine that consuming human flesh could play a part in a love story. August Kert’s zombie zinger "Bring Me to Life" proves this unthinkable undertaking can be accomplished as... Read More

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