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Book Review

The Promised Land

by Mardi Link

In catalog copy author Larry Watson (Montana 1948) calls "The Promised Land" “an important contribution to the tradition of immigrant literature,” which is certainly true, though Veltfort has gone beyond following tradition here and... Read More

Book Review

Ending the War on Drugs

by Sally Ketchum

Ending the War on Drugs is a timely book since illegal drug use in America is currently a political hot potato. However, it is not a new issue. Eldredge, an admitted “white, conservative Republican,” sheds light on the complex... Read More

Book Review

The Road to the Island

by Norm Wheeler

What dirty little secrets are in your closet in your parent’s house along with the baseball glove and the high school yearbook? In a fine first novel, Tom Hazuka flies protagonist Jimmy Dolan back to Connecticut for his father’s... Read More

Book Review

Soul Work

by Cindy Patuszynski

Soul Work offers a refreshingly unconventional approach to the quest for satisfying work. Rather than focusing on matching occupations against personality traits as many other books do, this book advocates finding one’s ideal job... Read More

Book Review


by Jane Gibson

Remedios is a compelling mixture of collective historical memoir and personal history, of poetical anthropology and oral myth. As the title implies, this complex book by Morales offers us carefully chosen herbal remedies. The writing of... Read More

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