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Book Review

80 Poems

by Edith Wairimu

With its wide spectrum of topics and styles, "80 Poems" is an alternately thoughtful and playful collection. Roger Wayne Turkington’s transformative collection "80 Poems" offers wisdom within its musical verses. The book’s prevalent... Read More

2018 Finalist for Short Stories

Book Review

Crude Angel

by Matt Sutherland

Angels, however crude, fear a few places, according to E. M. Foster, but the same cannot be said of poets. Boundlessly curious, no subject is off limits for bards like Suzanne Cleary to tread. New Yorker Cleary earned her Pushcart Prize... Read More

Book Review

The Acadia Files

by Catherine Thureson

"The Acadia Files" introduces kids to science via the readily observable principles and easy-to-reproduce experiments of its precocious and endlessly curious lead character, Acadia, who’s enjoying the summer before she enters fifth... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

Ooooh, baby, the gloves are off. In "Radioapocrypha", BK Fischer has done imagined Jesus Christ as a buff chemistry teacher in Maryland in 1989. Does she not fear bolts of lightning? The author of two other superb collections, Mutiny... Read More

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