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The Ssese Principles

Guidelines for Creating Wealth Through Faith

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Creating wealth seems an oxymoron when juxtaposed with the idea of faith and religion, but author Robert L. Wallace gives usable tips and anecdotes for how wealth creation can be a fruitful journey through God’s kingdom. In this latest book on business and personal finance, Wallace explores the many ways wealth and faith can co-exist in a healthy and fulfilling manner.

“What many people fail to realize is that all wealth comes from God, whether they accept this reality or not. God gives us the power and means to create, and the opportunity to manage it for Him,” writes Wallace.

The Ssese Principles breaks down the action plan into ten principles based on Biblical, faith-driven concepts. Inspired by the “Ssese Project”—a plan conceived by the people and government of Uganda to convert Bugala Island on Lake Victoria into a center of thriving business and life—Wallace builds his guidebook on the vision and creativity of those leaders. His ten principles are broken down into individual chapters, with each chapter giving examples of peoples’ lives, actions to take and tips to implementing the principles.

The ten principles are based upon the wealth building tenets that are so clearly outlined in the Holy Bible and shadowed in other religious documents. If properly followed, these principles provide proven and tested guidelines for achieving sustainable levels of material wealth while not violating one’s relationship with God…

Some of the principles Wallace writes about include the Principle of Leverage, the Principle of Ownership, the Principle of the Giving Sequence and the Principle of Blessing Expectation. Wallace shares stories of people he has known who have built wealth through their faith in God. He includes Biblical scripture and passages and concludes each chapter with a prayer.

The author of numerous other books, including and Black Wealth: Your Road to Small Business and Soul Food: 52 Principals for Black Entrepreneurial Success, Wallace has a background deeply rooted in the business world. An entrepreneur and consultant, he claims to live his life using these principles. His own success has led him to share these practices with others.

While The Ssese Principles is a short book, which prevents it from going into much detail or explanation, it is still inspiring and useful for those looking to create wealth in a faith-based and spiritual manner. It encourages people to use the Bible and God’s teachings as a springboard for success. Wallace believes that readers will be able to create and build wealth in a way that will be “used to accelerate the return of Jesus Christ.”

The Ssese Principles: Guidelines for Creating Wealth Through Faith by Robert L. Wallace teaches what it preaches. With faith and God in mind, Wallace prays that readers will go away with a blessed life and an open mind.

Reviewed by Christina Claassen

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