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The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress

Secrets of the Female Taoist Masters

The history of Taoism is not clear-cut, nor is Taoism easily defined; however, it is widely accepted that Taoism originated in China as a blend of psychology and philosophy and later emerged as a religion in the first or fourth century A.D. The outcome was an array of concepts, from alchemy to astrology, and in some sects, sexual rituals.

From reading the cover of this book, many will think the work is purely a step-by-step sex manual, and while sexual practices are described, the book has a larger theme. At its core, it is a revelation of a secret society of women called White Tigresses who engage in “disciplined sexual and spiritual practices” in order to retard the aging process, enhance their natural beauty and cure their illnesses. The book can be viewed as a book on philosophy, a medical review of sexual health and a modern look at unique sexual practices unknown to most people, asserts Lai, a Taoist for more than twenty-five years who has lectured widely on Taoism.

It is an intriguing idea that the paperback presents, for the first time in a public arena, the ancient Chinese sexual practices of this elite group of Taoist women whose training requires nine years in the practice of White Tigress techniques. At the end of their training, these Taoists may choose to become White Tigress teachers to other women. Women who enter the training must reject the idea of a monogamous sexual relationship to achieve their goals, a criterion that will be at odds with readers who practice monogamy. These readers can still discover ideas on sex and health that they can apply within their own beliefs.

With clarity and diligence, Lai guides readers through the thorny concepts associated with White Tigresses, explaining in detail the Absorption of Male Sexual Energy, sexual-spiritual alchemy and yin convergence, among other concepts. The Absorption of Male Sexual Energy, for instance, is the spiritual experience of a physical act of oral sex, and because absorption is the goal and focus of White Tigresses, oral sex is the primary sexual activity. Another interesting fact that Lai points out—White Tigresses limit their sexual intercourse because it is believed the practice contributes to the aging of a woman’s body.

The author also delves into the healthful benefits of saliva and semen. For example, saliva “can aid digestion, produce weight loss, heal the skin, restore the teeth and gums, and cleanse the esophagus to name just a few of the benefits.” As for semen, Lai states that “fresh semen contains high quantities of vitamin C, phosphorous, calcium, and iron, and even has antibiotic properties — all within a high concentration of protein.” The ancients, he continues, knew that semen was “the very best of skin rejuvenation.” Lai also includes a chapter on Restoration Methods in which he describes workouts for better health and an improved appearance such as stretching exercises for making the spine and muscles pliable and for improved blood circulation.

As research, Lai observed this sect under the guidance of one of the few living White Tigress teachers in Taipei, Taiwan. Access to the group carried two stipulations - that the text cover only the first three years of training, and that those linked with White Tigresses remain nameless. The author states that most Westerners and most Asians are unaware of the practices presented in his book, and he petitions readers to not judge Asians based on the contents of the book, as most Asians have never heard of these practices. Overall, the book is energetically written and highly descriptive. Women will appreciate learning the White Tigress’s secrets for looking youthful and being healthy.

Reviewed by Dorothy Goepel

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