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The Practice of His Righteousness

The Essential Truths for Living a Christian Life

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

This well-argued approach to Christianity places strong emphasis on morality and conservative values.

Leonel Dieujuste’s well-crafted evangelical book The Practice of His Righteousness aims to win hearts and save souls.

The book covers three topics: living the glory of God, the spiritual aspects of divine faith, and the practical aspects of Christian faith. Each area is addressed with a mixture of theological reflection, biblical analysis, and lived experience.

Sections close with “spirit-filled” advice about how to live, covering practical issues such as family life, success, work, and peace. The book is both conservative and evangelical in tone, approaching and presenting the Bible in a literal fashion. Humanity is seen as struggling with the devil, needing to turn to God and repent if we are to have hope for the future.

The book argues that the virtues of Christianity, as taught in the Bible, can be learned by the faithful. These virtues include salvation, redemption, and building a strong faith foundation. These topics are addressed in the second section, which concerns the spiritual aspects of faith.

The book effectively moves beyond taking a moral stance and considers some of the more difficult aspects of the Christian faith. For example, issues of free will are compellingly connected with the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus; the argument is that the world’s problems come from humanity’s bad choices rather than from God’s lack of care. The book does not always integrate or contextualize such perceptions within church traditions.

Dieujuste’s writing is straightforward and honest, inspirational and didactic. The final section of the book seeks to turn all previously covered theological notions into practical and conservative steps for believers to follow. For example, under the category of family, a section on marriage posits that a wife’s primary duty is to help her husband achieve his dreams, drawing heavily from the Genesis account to pin the fall from grace on Eve.

The book’s helpful design includes a comprehensive table of contents, clear breaks, and sections that speak to common issues and concerns. Sidebars offer biblical citations and examples to aid in reading the text.

A well-argued conservative approach to Christianity that places strong emphasis on morality, the book succeeds in making a compelling case for the need to practice and explore the fundamental ideas and theology of Christianity. It holds the Bible as paramount as it seeks to inspire its audience by marrying the theoretical and the practical.

Reviewed by Jeremiah Rood

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