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The Eden Prescription

The War Against Cancer is Not What You Think...

2010 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Thriller & Suspense (Adult Fiction)

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

What if there was a sophisticated cocktail of nutritional supplements and Chinese herbs, that could cure most, if not all cancers? A cocktail that had no significant side effects, was inexpensive, and dramatically outperformed every pharmaceutical drug on the market? Would the pharmaceutical industry applaud this cure, stop selling cancer drugs, and move on to other things? Or would they use their billions, their lobbyists, their profit-above-all-else mentality to discredit the cure, destroy the recipe, and otherwise lie, cheat, steal, and murder their way back to the front and center of the war on cancer? This not-so-impossible scenario is the core premise of The Eden Prescription, a whirling dervish of a novel that keeps the reader turning the pages with impeccable dialogue, relentless action, believable characters, up-to-date science, great conspiracy theories, and lots of really old money and priceless antiques.

Dr. Elliot Lindell, the novel’s protagonist, is a brilliant, ultra-wealthy, renegade scientist on the edge of inventing a world-changing cancer cure and computer model. The three-dimensional model simulates cancer cells dying under the influence of his quintessential mixture of Israeli pomegranate extract, rare Thai ginger, vitamin D, Chinese herbs, and several other supplements. Annika Guthrie, his trusted protegee, is an attractive young graduate student who, as a teenage science prodigy, helped her cancer stricken father extend his life by several years using natural modalities. Though both abhor the industry, they ironically work for competing pharmaceutical companies that have no genuine interest in natural cures.

There are several craven antagonists who belong to an exceedingly rich and powerful top secret organization with a dystopian plan to take over the world. They will stop at nothing to get Lindell’s recipe and computer model before they get into the hands of suffering cancer patients, and destroy one of the most profitable rackets in history. The good guys are only slightly less unconscionable, but want to keep Lindell and Annika alive for their own exploitative purposes. Both sides have an endless supply of ex special-forces mercenaries with a stellar collection of high-tech guns, bulletproof Range Rovers, speedboats, helicopters, and an aerosol can that sprays an undetectable heart-stopping mist.

This is an exceptional piece of fiction. Anyone who knows someone with cancer, or has an interest in natural cures is going to thoroughly enjoy this book, as are fans of conspiracies, mysteries, thrillers, science, computers, and even lovers of romance.

Reviewed by Patty Sutherland

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