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Synchronicity & You

Understanding the Role of Meaningful Coincidence in Your Life

Understanding the Role of Meaningful Coincidence in Your Life is the sub-title of this fascinating work. Carl Gustav Jung defined synchronicity as any apparent coincidence that inspires a sense of wonder and personal meaning or particular significance in the observer. Joseph explores this subject in depth with seventeen classifications: inanimate objects, numbers, environmental and animal ostenta, premonition, dreams, telepathy, enigmas, origins, parallel lives, life imitates art, warnings, death, rescue, reincarnation, guidance, moira and transformational experiences. These groupings of meaningful significance are derived from one hundred interviews in which personalized phenomenon are offered. The numerous instances of each kind of experience lend credence to generality.

In reading about the various kinds of meaningful coincidence, it is easy for the reader to recall similar experiences in their own life, nodding affirmation that synchronicity happens to everyone time and again. Joseph suggests that when one acknowledges the deeply personal significance of synchronicity and tries to use these events to understand life’s meaning and purpose, one is able to discover the mystical potential of one’s life. He states that several activities can enhance synchronicity: meditation which allows one’s innate receptivity to operate more openly with less opposition from one’s mental control center; travel which alters the state of consciousness as one physically moves from one environment into new surroundings; increased social interaction which offers physical and emotional transition; and passionate involvement in something greater than oneself which conjures synchronous events into one’s life.

Clearly, the chief goal of this book is to encourage the reader to take up the challenge of meaningful coincidence. Synchronicity & You brings this elusive phenomenon into clearer focus with its many examples. If indeed everything one needs or wants to know lies within oneself, as many great thinkers have written, then synchronicity is a powerful phenomenon to acknowledge and pay real attention to in life. Written for the general reader, this book’s message is accessible and fascinating; providing historical events and contemporary anecdotes. Joseph is the editor of Ancient American, a bi-monthly archaeology magazine, and the author of numerous books.

Reviewed by Sophia Tarila

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