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Software for Your Soul (The Secret of All Secrets)

or how to (re)program your life for better living with hypnosis, meditation, NLP, and quantum science

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

“Life should be magical for everybody, at every level. Anything less is not acceptable,” writes Dr. R. S. Muthukrishnan in his powerful book, Software for Your Soul. Even so, the wealth of information that is readily available to those who wish to change their lives for the better has resulted in little actual change. What has been lacking, and what the author offers readers, is access to the power that will make people actually think the way they need to think, feel what they need to feel, and do what they need to do in order to achieve their desired results. The key to that power is hypnosis, which Dr. Muthukrishnan defines as “an altered state of consciousness in which morally and ethically acceptable suggestions are readily accepted and acted upon,” and which he ably and effectively teaches through his book and its accompanying CD.

This excellent work aims to make once out-of-reach life changes not only possible, but easy, pleasurable, and affordable; it is replete with the stories of those who have suffered from various challenges, including life-threatening illness, career and relationship difficulties, fears and phobias, and the inability to manifest their deepest desires. Additionally, the book includes testimonials espousing the effectiveness of the author’s special “quantum hypnosis” techniques.

Dr. Muthukrishnan shows how hypnosis has been proven to be the most powerful tool for accessing the subconscious, the part of the mind that shapes one’s existence and the only place where lasting change is possible. “In the web of the quantum field, your thoughts, ideas, and dreams take shape into tangible realities! You break away from the karma of co-creation and become the sole creator of your destiny, independent of everybody and everything. This is mastery,” he says. “When you slip into trance states— hypnosis or meditation— you gain instant access to this power.”

In conjunction with the book and training CD, Dr. Muthukrishnan offers correctly-worded affirmations and visualizations and teaches the key to instant hypnosis, “the perfect magic wand for self-mastery;” with practice, entering a deep state of wakeful hypnosis becomes do-able in any place and under any circumstances.

While mind power, or “self-mastery,” is not taught in any normal course of study, it is the one thing that guarantees what appears to be “magical,” or “metaphysical” living—the opposite of living “by the sweat of one’s brow.” Dr. Muthukrishnan has made a valuable and accessible contribution to the literature on hypnosis and self-hypnosis; engaging, humorous, and powerful, Software for Your Soul offers readers who apply its techniques access to their own hidden power to create the life they’ve always dreamed of having.

Dr. Muthukrishnan is a general practitioner with an MBBS degree from Madras (now Chennai) University in south India; he runs a family practice and hypnotherapy clinic in Kingswood, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and is a full member of the Australian and International Societies of Hypnosis and the director of the Awareness School of Hypnosis. He teaches clinical hypnosis to doctors and psychologists and offers seminars for students, CEOs, athletes, performers, and others who seek peak performance, and gives free treatments to cancer patients.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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