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Books Reviewed by Jo-Ann Graziano

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Dream House

Uncertainty in love threatens the foundation of many dream houses. In her debut short story collection, Bean leaves the back door open allowing a glimpse into the domestic lives... Read More

Book Review

A Fine Excess

The editors have mined enough lyrical gems—in poetry, prose, and short fiction—to decorate a fine literary crown. The premise behind the collection is Keats ideal of “a... Read More

Book Review

Killing Cassidy

When an old colleague dies in Indiana, Dorothy Martin is summoned back to the Midwest from her expatriate exile in England. Martin enthusiasts know her as a feisty,... Read More

Book Review


No woman wants to hear that she is her mother’s daughter, yet she is. Oates and Berliner have collected an album of seventeen candid snapshots of mother-daughter life. These... Read More

Book Review

False Images

Leone Fleming, a young English art restorer, must take the stripping rag to her own life to uncover the forgeries of affection in her family. She suffers from a recurring guilty... Read More