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Read My Hips!

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Read My Hips! is a comprehensive health book about spinal and pelvis misalignment.

Written for health care providers and the general public, Wolf Schamberger’s eye-opening health guide Read My Hips! identifies frequent pelvis and spine misalignment manifestations and their effects; it also suggests specific treatment options.

With opening background information that explains what malalignment is, the book covers basic anatomy, how the spine and pelvis function when the body is in alignment, and ways of determining whether the pelvis is in alignment. This introductory information helps when it comes to understanding all that follows—particularly when it comes to understanding the effects of malalignment, which is what most of the book is concerned with.

According to this text, pelvis misalignment is present in over 80% of the general population. For 30% of those who suffer from back pain, misalignment is identified as the primary cause; it’s presented as a contributing factor for 20-30% of those who suffer from problems affecting the nervous system or spine. But general health practices allow little time for identifying this specific issue; Schamberger proclaims that malalignment needs to be better understood, and more often considered, as a potential cause for common issues.

Clear and well-labeled diagrams and monochrome photographs of the body in different positions are included in every chapter; these are valuable when it comes to understanding how the pelvis works, the causes and issues related to malalignment, and practical exercises for correcting or treating malalignment. Detailed possible malalignment scenarios appear throughout, drawing on Schamberger’s years of experience, while anecdotes about specific cases of malalignment also flesh the material out. As illustrations, the book includes an account of a patient experiencing sharp pain in their lower back after lifting an object, as well as of a patient twisting their body to reach something; another patient’s whiplash symptoms are resolved after a physiotherapist pays attention to their alignment.

The book works toward a robust malalignment treatment approach that includes manual therapy techniques, muscle strengthening techniques, exercises such as cardiovascular training and strength training, and more advanced procedures. It contains practical advice on going back to regular activities after malalignment, with tips extending to awareness about one’s shoe choices, proper sitting postures, and what needs to be done in case of a malalignment reoccurrence.

Straightforward language and unambiguous explanations also make the material accessible, in addition to the book’s glossary, which defines its terms well. All chapters and sections are clearly labeled, and their internal direction is strong. What is to be expected from each section is well defined in advance, including important points and significant facts to watch for. Chapters end with helpful summaries of their key points.

Read My Hips! is a comprehensive health book about spinal and pelvis misalignment.

Reviewed by Edith Wairimu

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