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Money Moves

Change Where Your Money Lives, Change How Your Financial World Grows

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Money Moves recommends taking a sensible, holistic approach to one’s financial life.

Accessible and wise, Tara Nolan’s Money Moves suggests means of achieving lasting financial success.

People should think about their financial futures in a holistic way, Nolan suggests. Doing so requires understanding one’s goals in order to build toward them with intention. To help, the book explains common investment approaches, suggesting that each person must find their own comfort level with the risks and rewards of investing for retirement.

The book is organized to move people through the stages of getting their financial houses in order. Its opening chapters include advice on topics like determining the dollar amount that you need to reach in order to be comfortable in your later years, based on the quality of life that you hope to have. They also dispel common money myths, including the notion that you don’t need much money to retire, or that you can do without whole life insurance. Practical tips bolster the book’s advice, such as to invest at least 15 percent of your income now. Central notions are highlighted at the end of each chapter, while a thorough glossary clarifies the book’s more complex ideas, as of liquid investments and fiduciaries.

The work is further supported via case studies from Nolan’s work as a financial planner. These illustrate the power of good investing, planning, and knowledge. Each vignette makes a point about how financial decisions must be individualized, and how their nuances depend upon one’s personal choices and needs. Many highlight the principles that undergird Nolan’s financial approach, including the idea that being clear about your assumptions frees you to make better choices in moments as when you’re deciding between different financial products, or are finding the right mix of professionals to include on your team. Indeed: Nolan stresses that good advice is worth paying for and using.

Pairing a conversational tone with hand-drawn charts and graphs that represent concepts like the power of interest and the various stages of a person’s financial life, the book’s material is approachable throughout. By its conclusion, which declares that “wealth creation is not a straight line,” the book has done a thorough job of showing its audience how to plan for retirement—and how to spend their money during that period.

With tips to help people organize financial futures that suit their needs, Money Moves recommends taking a sensible, holistic approach to one’s financial life.

Reviewed by Jeremiah Rood

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