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Little Anton

Part 3

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Little Anton: Part III: The Black Sun is a satisfying conclusion to this historical fiction epic; it includes constant action all the way to its climactic end.

John W. Warner IV’s thrilling World War II trilogy, appearing in a newly released boxed set containing Parts One, Two, and Three, concludes with Little Anton: Part III: The Black Sun, wherein a British spy and German race car driver fight for their lives as battles erupt around them.

Agent Bea Sunderland, in the clutches of the Nazis and beholden to their ideology, is imprisoned, disoriented, and unsure of whom she can trust or what to believe. The book’s disturbing, disorienting opening scene conveys the depth of her confused mental state and her precarious circumstances. Later, she endures brutal training to infiltrate Himmler’s occult-driven SS.

Bea’s earlier training and education in the occult prove essential in this volume. She escapes from several harrowing situations, and her unique skill sets, experiences, and alliances make her a heroine who’s ideally suited for success. Lutz Becker reemerges, though the trust between he and Bea is broken; he is faced with a critical choice.

The novel is ambitious and is sometimes overburdened by its complexity. Within it, technological developments—engine design, special alloys, and the aerodynamics of race cars, ships, and airplanes—are reveled in, as are the laws of physics. Lines convey admiration for technological creators, especially Porsche. But all such descriptions are credible, with details that will please aficionados.

Bea’s struggles result in a compelling story. The risks that she takes to break free, and the heroism that she demonstrates, defy expectations, fueling blood-pumping action to the book’s bitter end. She does not act alone; instead, she pushes past her stubborn, independent streak to trust others, and to enlist their help. The book’s interplays between characters include deep, affectionate dialogue marked by gentle ribbing, highlighting relationships that evolved based on shared histories fighting a common foe. The emotional turmoil and potential risks that the characters face are palpable.

The narrative moves at a brisk pace, its action scenes riveting, moreso because of their distinct life and death consequences. Throughout, deeper themes emerge: the novel acknowledges the chaos of war, war’s human cost, and the critical role that technological developments play in war’s execution. Within the story, all characters are forced to choose sides; the moral implications of doing nothing are noted, and such lessons are punctuated by the book’s dramatic action scenes.

Little Anton: Part III: The Black Sun is a satisfying conclusion to this historical fiction epic; it includes constant action all the way to its climactic end.

Reviewed by Wendy Hinman

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