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Volume 1

Innocent is an “Angel of Retribution” who was sent to earth to punish those whom God has judged as evil. David is a marginally reformed sociopath who enjoys killing and torturing but also loves his mother. Innocent saved David from himself and set him on the correct path…sort of.

Together this odd duo tangles with demons, psychopaths, and all manner of evil beings, human and otherwise. This book is an assorted collection of their adventures set in five chapter-length stories. There is a bonus set of interesting sketches at the end of the book as well. The stories are exciting but a bit dark, aimed at older teens and adults. For example in chapters one and four, rapes are discussed (but not shown). The body count is high, but the violence more fanciful than realistic, and not too graphic.

A quick and captivating read, the stories and dialogue are uniformly great. Not necessarily the case with the illustrations, which are rendered by many different artists and therefore vary stylistically from chapter to chapter. Characters can look somewhat different from story to story, so readers must pay close attention in order to understand what is going on.

One of the better stories is about an evil spirit who haunts a mansion. Charles, the master of the house, had a beautiful daughter named Collette who was raped by a guest in his home. Charles threw the perpetrator out of a window, but subsequently went insane after Collette committed suicide. He locked his remaining daughters in the mansion by building brick walls to seal them in and “keep them safe forever.” After death, he returns as a demon who tries to kill all men who enter the house. Women who want to enter, however, are safe. When Innocent and David visit the estate looking for a work of art, they must face this wrathful demon. Overall this book is reasonably well-illustrated, splendidly written, packed with action, and fun to read.

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