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Inner Alchemy

The Path of Mastery, Updated and Revised Edition

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

This is a New Age text that not only teaches concepts, but works to train one’s mind, body, and spirit to take action in the world.

Zulma Reyo’s New Age text Inner Alchemy is a practical, inspiring guide to the mastery and transformation, first of the inner self, and then of the larger world.

The book’s alchemy involves transmuting negative, destructive energies into the higher frequency vibrations that align with the frequencies of what it calls “Source.” This process, Reyo claims, will lead to both structural and qualitative change and, when applied to human transformation, it is the path to becoming the change one wants to see in the world.

The book relies on an extensive glossary of terms throughout, and includes its own precise answer to the perennial question, “Who are we?” From its perspective, human beings are sparks of the divine light that created all. When it comes to answering existential questions like “Why are we here?”, the book asserts that people should transform the world through their personal transformations. Its “Master Practice” is designed to align one’s body with cosmic energies and to help them develop the ability to manifest change on the material plane through three potent powers: thought, feeling, and the spoken word.

With teachings that lead beyond what has been called “out of the box” thinking to the liberating conclusion that “there is no box,” the book affirms that, once long-held constructions are dissolved, one’s perceptions can expand to gigantic proportions. It builds firm support for its conclusions with clear, accessible explanations of the energetic anatomy of human beings and teachings on chakras, rays, and the different dimensional and astral realms.

Karma, dreams, and the effects of the practice of gratitude are explored, and meditations, visualizations, and practical exercises to improve physical and mental health and form a strong personal connection with the source are included. This is a New Age text that not only teaches concepts, but works to train one’s mind, body, and spirit to take action in the world through developing one’s personal power.

The book’s six parts build from basic alchemical concepts and their application in human life to the meaning of death and dying. At each stage, the strengthening and purification of the inner self through consistent practice is encouraged. Helpful charts distill and clarify the concepts presented in the text.

The meditations and visualizations included are written in beautiful prose, evoking colorful images and sensations of power, peace, and union with the source: “Visualize a circle of glorious blue, like the glow of a living sapphire, just above your head.” And the book’s illustrations are works of spiritual art; they show human beings in the flow of source energy, encompassed by divine light. Illuminating the instructions for the exercises, they also inspire meditation, purity of thought, and connection with the source.

Inner Alchemy is a New Age guide that is filled with the information and training needed for the individual mind and body to function at higher frequencies, to access the universal mind, and to become a powerful force for positive change in the world.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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