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2011 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Fantasy (Adult Fiction)

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

A young necromancer and a band of lightwielders take center stage in J. R. Bailey’s exciting fantasy tale. In Impure: Resurrection, necromancer Koristad Altessor seeks revenge for the death of his family at the hands of the Vampire King. Though a necromancer—a tainted child of darkness—Koristad is portrayed in a sympathetic light as a fearless and likable antihero. He struggles to resist his natural urge to commune with the dead, even though they are his source of supernatural powers and dark magic.

Koristad’s internal conflict between the forces of good and evil is a source of spiritual unrest that dogs him throughout his vengeful journey. Compelled to pay back a debt, Koristad agrees to aid in the cause of a band of lightwielders whose mission is to retrieve an ancient artifact—a magical sword known as the Executor Blade—and to safely return it to the Silversword Sanctuary, thereby keeping it out of the hands of evil artificers.

Driven by his burning desire to find the Vampire King, Koristad’s quest takes an unexpected turn onto a dangerous path, and this leads to a fateful battle. The troubled necromancer is not happy at being paired off with a novice lightwielder named Peril, but Peril’s lack of skill as a warrior is compensated for by her strong power of intuition. This special ability serves to protect them more than once on their dangerous journey. It isn’t long before Koristad’s female companion finds a way into his heart.

As the tale progresses, Koristad is faced with a difficult choice: either to risk reaching for a magic sword whose power is only enabled in the hands of its rightful owner, or to rely on his own warrior skills to overcome evil.

Even those readers unfamiliar with such arcane creatures as necromancers, vampires, lightwielders, artificers, and mages will find this tale fascinating. Through flashbacks, the tale transcends centuries, ultimately evolving to a fiercely fought final battle between the lightwielders and the artificers. There is much at stake—the preservation of a peaceful order that is threatened by diabolical forces of darkness. Lovers of fantasy and action stories alike will be deeply satisfied by the fierce fighting scenes that are so richly detailed throughout this book.

Reviewed by Gary Klinga

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