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Book Review

Helping Your Angry Teen

by Catherine Reed-Thureson

Dealing with an angry child is complex and often even scary. In "Helping Your Angry Teen", Mitch R. Abblett, PhD, teaches parents to form new pathways of connectivity to their teens through mindfulness and positive thinking and acting.... Read More

Book Review

Situation Momedy

by Karen Rigby

Raising a toast to mothers while offering practical tips, these essays provide a hard-won wisdom that psychology-based manuals often don’t. Nineties sitcom actress, singer, and Nashville mom Jenna von Oy returns in Situation Momedy: A... Read More

Book Review

The Recipe

by Jade Belzberg

"The Recipe" is an intensive look at how one can find love—in themselves and in a lover—and keep it strong. The Recipe: Love Made Simple, by Dr. Rick Blum, is the complete guide to love. While the title sounds suspiciously... Read More

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