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Circulation Domination!

Taking Control of Your Health and Well-Being by Improving Circulation

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Kris McCurry, a fitness enthusiast, wrote Circulation Domination to share what she learned while seeking ways to improve her mood and energy level. Though it appears she has no formal education in medicine, nutrition, or physical training, McCurry has done an exceptional job of pulling together—with the help of expert advisers—a cornucopia of valuable health information into a well-researched and well-written book.

Circulation Domination is organized into nine clearly outlined chapters that feature numerous charts and illustrations to help guide the reader through all aspects of circulation. McCurry begins by providing a concise and easy-to-understand overview of the circulatory system. She explains how contemporary life negatively impacts healthy circulation, from too much time at the desk or on the couch, to smoking and alcohol abuse.

McCurry then delves into the many destructive consequences of poor circulation, such as depression, heart disease, and reduced sexual function. Next to each negative item, she wisely places a text box that shares health advice. For example, to treat the effects of poor circulation on the brain, McCurry recommends deep breathing and ginkgo biloba.

A short quiz is offered in the middle of the book that will help readers determine their individual risk factors for poor circulation. McCurry’s longest and most involved chapter covers the topic of nutrition. She does an exemplary job of condensing volumes of information and thousands of studies into twenty-one pages. McCurry lists the ten worst foods to eat; exposes the circulation-compromising effects of sodium, sugar, low-quality fats, and fast food; and finishes by listing, in inspiring detail, the ten best foods for circulation health.

A simple detox program is offered in the closing chapters, as are ideas for improving circulation throughout the day, such as body brushing in the shower and finding more opportunities to walk. Finally, McCurry prescribes a litany of excellent ways for readers to get moving—from dancing to yoga—and she suggests keeping a daily journal to track progress.

Circulation Domination is an easy and enjoyable text written in an accessible style that all readers can appreciate. It is simply yet convincingly written. People seeking to improve their general health, or anyone with specific challenges related to circulation, will find this book a superb resource.

Reviewed by Patty Sutherland

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