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November 2008

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2008.

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Destiny's Damned

“[H]e suddenly realized the hot, sweaty body above him was, most probably, his murderer,” the author writes. “His strength waning…he felt only a sting, heard but a thud, as a six-inch knife severed his finger tip.” Destiny’s... Read More

Book Review

Unschooling Kelly

“The system will not tolerate the truth. Fail a student and you have administrators and parents jumping down your throat” Mr. Cordray tells his protégée. “If they fail it is your fault. You didn’t try hard enough didn’t give... Read More

Book Review

Backstage at the White House

It’s undeniable that the last presidential election turned many people into political junkies. Blame it on the dramatic struggle for votes in the primaries the accessibility of candidates through social media or the almost constant... Read More

Book Review

The Point Guard

Edwin J. Sprague’s novel "The Point Guard" is part political science and criminal justice treatise and part murder mystery law thriller and police story. This dangerous combination results in a convoluted roller coaster ride through... Read More

Book Review


Carol Patterson’s "Reinventure" is a collection of stories about the adventures she has experienced while leading tours and traveling around the world with her husband and friends. While her stories are often amusing her intention to... Read More

Book Review

The Universal Properties of Acceleration

“Einstein’s instincts as well as his mathematics told him that gravity was caused by inertia,” the author writes. “But the concept of the earth’s surface accelerating outward into space seemed absurd. What if Einstein, Newton,... Read More

Book Review

America in Focus

“Greed…a desire to acquire or possess more than what we need or deserve…is driving the New American Dream” the author writes. “While becoming prosperous was most assuredly part of the Old American Dream the New Dream involves... Read More

Book Review

The Road to Eden's Ridge

The Road to Edens Ridge by M.L. Rose (Iroquois Press 978-1-59652-484-2) tells two stories of love. Lindsey Briggs has left her fiancé at the altar and her home in Maine to become a country music star in Nashville. While playing a show... Read More

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