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February 2000

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published February 2000.

Book Review

Mommy Magic

by Mary Spiro

Children don’t come with instructions. Parents and those who interact daily with children may lose sight of the magical view kids have of the world. Manary points out this magic with personal anecdotes, stories from friends, poetry and... Read More

Book Review

Pursuit and Persuasion

by Mark Terry

Scottish professor Dr. Georgina Fletcher changes her will, writes a letter and hand-delivers it to a friend with instructions to mail it if she should die, especially if she dies of apparent “natural causes.” Two days later she... Read More

Book Review

Somewhere in the Ocean

by Janis Ansell

A lyrical counting book written to the tune of “Over in the Meadow” gives a lively introduction to marine life and basic counting skills. The rhythm never falters as one little manatee calf nibbles sea lettuce at the mother’s... Read More

Book Review

Yvette in America

by Rebecca Maksel

Arriving in Boston from Brittany during World War II, Yvette Greville takes a room at a boarding house where she meets her second husband, the consumptive Albert Pleven. A composer, Pleven courts Yvette by arranging a melody that... Read More

Book Review

Romantic Poems, Poets, and Narrators

by Leeta Taylor

If English Romantic poets still dominate the landscape of modern poetry, it is because theirs was the first to dramatize the mind’s interior act of self-creation, of the imagination being self-consciously born into language. They were... Read More

Book Review

Rain Line

by John Flesher

Drunk and depressed, Harvard hockey star Danny McPhee drives his car off a bridge and into a river after a victory party, drowning in the blackened waters. His girlfriend, artistic but insecure Leonarda Baye, fights her way to shore,... Read More

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