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December 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published December 1999.

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Book Review

The Farfarers

by Nelly Heitman

In his unerringly superlative writing, Mowat is once again standing the archaeological world on end. Almost thirty-five years after releasing his controversial theory that the Norse were the first Europeans to discover the North American... Read More

Book Review

Art in Detroit

by Joyce Moore

“There has always been art in public places. Long before it was made for private consumption and enjoyment, art functioned for societies in very basic and far-reaching ways,” writes the author in his introduction to the revised... Read More

Book Review

A Concise History of China

by P.C. Voice

What does the average Westerner really know about China? Perhaps a name or two may ring a bell - Confucius, Mao Zedong. Perhaps a place or two is familiar - Shanghai, Beijing. Maybe most people have even heard of a few dynasties - like... Read More

Book Review

The Poetry of Life and The Life of Poetry

by Leeta Taylor

“Why is most contemporary poetry so dull? It is a measure of the author’s generosity that when this challenge is issued—midway into a collection of essays and reviews of modern poetry—it seems less like a firebomb lobbed at the... Read More

Book Review

The Hand Before the Eye

by Jill R. Hughes

“Just as the hand, held before the eye, can hide the tallest mountain, so the routine of everyday life can keep us from seeing the vast radiance of and the secret wonders that fill the world.” Eighteenth century, Hasidic. Manhattan... Read More

Book Review

The Miller Masks

by Leeta Taylor

The Millers of these twenty tales belong to Jesse Miller, fiftyish, Jewish, husband, adulterer, academic, writer, son and lover, a sardonic, voluble witness to his own life. Told in brief, interconnected stories, the novel traces... Read More

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