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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 43 pages.

Book Review

The Life of Gus

by Ian Dailey

Through its hopeful story about a rescue dog who found his place, "The Life of Gus" humanizes the plights of stray animals. Based on a true story, Sandee Roquemore-Maxwell’s heartwarming "The Life of Gus" is about a dog who was... Read More

Book Review

Houdini Carini

by Karen Rigby

"Houdini Carini" is a charming picture book with a matter-of-fact, lucid reminder that mastery takes time. In her picture book "Houdini Carini", Anne Zadek presents Houdini, an eager girl whose parents are magicians and who discovers... Read More

Book Review

None Dare Call it Reason

by Bryan Craig

Richard Sutherland gets right to the point: middle class America is at fault for electing poor leaders to handle our country’s political and financial health. Sutherland who has an advanced degree in history and holds a J.D. from... Read More