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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 24 pages.

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Book Review

Our New Kittens

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Two young boys excitedly prepare for the arrival of a tiny pair of adorable kittens, brothers just like them. Through this lovely introduction to pet care and responsibility—whether families are adopting an animal for the first time or... Read More

Book Review

A Christmas Advent Story

by Kara Hansen

In this re-imagining of an Advent calendar, each page is a collage of rainbow colors, hidden flaps, and illustrations of Christmas fun that encourage kids to practice classic first words, learn to read in full sentences, and count as... Read More

Book Review

Caroline Finding Miss Lilly

by Tia Smith

"Caroline Finding Miss Lilly" is an artfully crafted, family-friendly read that showcases the goodness in all people. Sherry Wetherington’s adorable picture book "Caroline Finding Miss Lilly" is filled with colorful illustrations and a... Read More

Book Review

Harold the Reindeer

by Karen Rigby

Harold’s journey emphasizes a deep belief that joy can be found even through unexpected developments. Harold the Reindeer: Secrets of Santa Claus explores the rewards of pure-hearted, principled motivations. John Skapura’s tale of a... Read More

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