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Breastfeeding's Number One Question

How Do I Know My Baby is Getting Enough Milk?

In the first few days following the long-awaited arrival of her precious
newborn, a new mother generally faces the stresses of a “labor-weary body, lack
of sleep and raging hormones.” Since she cannot see how much milk her infant is
consuming, a mother who chooses to breastfeed is often especially concerned
with such questions as-Is my baby getting enough milk? Is he gaining enough
weight? How long should I nurse him? How often should I nurse him? Should I
waken my sleeping baby to nurse?

Assuring parents that “babies are as individual as snowflakes,” Morgan helps to
lessen those insecurities by providing guidelines that indicate a baby is
indeed getting enough breast milk. In this well-organized audiobook, she
teaches three skills that a mother can use in her baby’s first week to build
self-confidence in nursing: tracking baby’s urine output, tracking baby’s bowel
movements and being aware of the feel of her breasts before and after nursing
sessions. Based on the idea of “what goes in must come out,” Morgan gives
detailed instructions regarding measurement of baby’s diaper content; a helpful
chart is included to facilitate tracking. Morgan continues by likening mother’s
breast to a “milk factory,” and she discusses how lactating breasts become
firmer as a woman’s milk comes in and gradually become softer once the baby has
finished a nursing session.

An experienced mother and lactation consultant, Morgan stresses how the first
week of the baby’s life is a “learning time,” and that once he seems to be
thriving, is eager to nurse and is well ahead in the number of wet or soiled
diapers he is producing, a mother can rest assured that her baby is getting
enough milk. Also included on this tape are six signs that a nursing mother
might need additional help from her pediatrician or from a lactation
consultant. Morgan finishes by emphasizing the benefits of support groups, such
as La Leche League International, and of obtaining other breastfeeding
information available through bookstores and the Internet. This very
informative audiobook will most certainly prove beneficial to new breastfeeding
mothers-especially for those who listen to it before the baby is born.

Reviewed by Jill R. Hughes

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