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In a world saturated with mass-produced glossy images designed to catch one’s attention, the artist, of all creators, has an obligation to present his vision with a... Read More

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Failed intimacy is the repeated theme in this collection of poignant and yet occasionally comical short stories, winner of the 2003 Drue Heinz Literature Prize. Whether between... Read More

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The Zoo

“Clustered on the bay, fifty pelicans / rise, fly circles, dive-each angular / as origami, newspaper-colored-/ and demonstrate the lazy elegance / of predation.“ This... Read More

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This author dares to look for wisdom in an age of poetic narcissism. Norris’s book is a journey—both through thirty years of writing (including material from previous books... Read More

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Zinc Fingers

The best poems are the ones that call a reader to return again, conveying content through imagery, then going further, by penetrating these images in an act of transcendence.... Read More

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Some poets spend much of their energy demonstrating how smart and important they are, how much arcane knowledge and how many esoteric skills they possess. Anderson has no... Read More