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Doo Wop Motels

On a seven-mile-long barrier island at the southern tip of New Jersey lie the four towns of Wildwood Crest, Wildwood, North Wildwood and West Wildwood. These towns are... Read More

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The concept of basing one’s actions upon orders rather than emotions during times of extreme stress is familiar to the well-trained soldier, but alien to the citizen. It is... Read More

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Swamp Doctor

To the outsider, war means decisive troop movements, big battles, and death from field injuries. While Surgeon William M. Smith observed all of these, his diary also bears... Read More

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Tarnished Scalpels

During the Civil War, the Union Army held approximately 80,000 court-martials, at least 249 involving medical personnel. In Tarnished Scalpels, Lowry and Welsh concentrate on... Read More