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Book Review

Graham R.

The rediscovery of forgotten women writers leaps ahead with this biography of a woman whose life defied the idealized domesticity that confined late Victorian ladies. Like the... Read More

Book Review

Chocolate on Trial

In 1909, the English press was abuzz with news about the libel trial of Cadbury Brothers vs. the London Standard newspaper. Cadbury, owned by the Quaker Cadbury family, had a... Read More

Book Review

The Quarry

Heraclitus believed that the conditions of man and nature are indisputably connected, that even opposing forces are linked in the grand scheme of things. This collection of... Read More

Book Review

Aquamarine Blue 5

People with autism can excel in an academic setting. Often intensely focused and detail-oriented, students with autism have advanced several fields of research. People with... Read More

Book Review

D.H. Lawrence

“The ordinary novel would trace the history of the diamondÃ’but I say, Ódiamond, what! This is carbon.’ And my diamond might be coal or soot, and my theme is... Read More

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