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The Game

Aspirin-popping tartan-accented Alban Bane pushes his way through the crowd outside San Quentin with an open umbrella. He carries a badge he says he’s allowed to be a jerk.... Read More

Book Review

The Master Planets

In 1973, Peter Jameson was nineteen years old and preparing to conquer the world with his band, the Master Planets, when echoes of his Holocaust ancestry swept in. The ordeals... Read More

Book Review

Hunting the King

Ever since Dan Brown published his bestselling The Da Vinci Code in 2004, thrillers about religious history have become a lucrative, if predictable, staple of the publishing... Read More

Book Review

bang BANG

Paula Sherman is a 24-year-old waitress and would-be singer with a college degree hardly the type to be vandalizing windshields all over Philadelphia. But her life takes a turn... Read More