Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2006 Foreword INDIES Finalists

Adult Fiction

Gay & Lesbian
A Season of Change (978-1-4196-5365-0) by D.C. ELMORE and Jamie Flores (illustrator), BookSurge Publishing
A Time Before Me (978-1-58348-463-0) by Michael Holloway Perronne, iUniverse Star
Boys, Lost and Found (978-1-928589-33-4) by Charles Casillo, Gival Press
Distemper (978-0-9774306-3-5) by James Nulick and n/a (illustrator), Acacia Publishing
French Postcards (978-1-883523-67-1) by Jane Merchant, Spinsters Ink
ManBug (978-1-55152-203-6) by George K. Ilsley, Arsenal Pulp Press
Street Angel (978-0-9766652-3-6) by Martha Marinara, Fine Tooth Press
Strings Attached (978-1-4196-2889-4) by Nick Nolan, BookSurge Publishing
Summer Cruising (978-1-928662-07-5) by Dave Benbow, Palari Publishing
The Literary Six (978-1-59800-695-7) by Vince A. Liaguno, Outskirts Press
Two Boys in Love (978-0-9717089-4-5) by Lawrence Schimel, Seventh Window Publications
"Feliz Navidad: Learning Songs and Traditions in Spanish" (978-1-59972-060-9) by Judy Mahoney and Barb Bjornson (illustrator), Teach Me
A Financial Minute (978-0-9777770-2-0) by Jenifer Madson, Clear Vision Press
After the Gold Rush (978-1-932195-38-5) by Lewis Buzbee, Tupelo Press
Alone in the Trenches (978-1-4022-0505-7) by Esera Tuaolo and n/a (illustrator), Sourcebooks
Blood Moon's Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film (First Edition) (978-0-9748118-4-0) by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince, Blood Moon Productions
Custody of the Eyes (978-0-930829-56-8) by Diamela Eltit, Lumen Books
Dead Center (978-1-59316-079-1) by David Rosenfelt, Listen and Live Audio
Desire and Its Shadow (978-0-9707652-5-3) by Ana Clavel, Aliform Publishing
East Fifth Bliss (978-1-933016-40-5) by Douglas Light, Behler Publications
Enjoying the Ride (978-0-9777031-1-1) by Win Straube, SCI Corporation
Fablehaven (978-1-59038-594-4) by Brandon Mull, Shadow Mountain
Faith and Politics (978-1-59316-089-0) by John Danforth and Senator John Danforth, Listen and Live Audio
Follow Me to Glory (978-0-7414-3560-6) by Will Hutchison, Infinity Publishing
Foreign Words (978-0-9754444-1-2) by Vassilis Alexakis, Autumn Hill Books
Gay Art (978-1-55152-205-0) by Felix Lance Falkon with Thomas Waugh, Arsenal Pulp Press
Glastonbury Tor (978-0-8254-2789-3) by LeAnne Hardy, Kregel Publications
Going (978-1-933202-13-6) by Kevin Oderman, Vandalia Press/West Virginia University Press
Green 61 (978-0-9720227-3-6) by Cody Davis and Cody Fowler Davis, Little Moose Press
Hui Gui (978-0-9737210-0-3) by Elsie Sze, BTS Publishing House
Institute Freedom (978-1-4259-7691-0) by J. R. Klauder and Sandra Baker-Hinton (cover artwork) (illustrator), AuthorHouse
Jagged Fate (978-0-595-38797-7) by Steve Santel, iUniverse
Joyeux Noel: Learning Songs and Traditions in French" (978-1-59972-061-6) by Judy Mahoney and Roberta Collier-Morales (illustrator), Teach Me
Julia Fairchild (978-0-9786049-7-4) by Louise Gaylord, Little Moose Press
Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret (978-1-59038-514-2) by Obert Skye, Shadow Mountain
Little Sister (978-1-4259-2829-2) by Wendy MacGown, AuthorHouse
My Favorite Midlife Crisis (Yet) (978-1-4022-0747-1) by Toby Devens and n/a (illustrator), Sourcebookd Landmark
On Clipped Wings (978-1-4257-0421-6) by Jameela Alter, Xlibris
Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You (978-1-57505-927-3) by Hanna Jenson, Lerner Publishing Group
Poems of Hafez (978-1-58814-019-7) by Reza Ordoubadian, translator, Ibex Publishers
Private Mortgage Investing (978-0-910627-62-7) by Teri Clark and Matthew Stewart Tabacchi, Atlantic Publishing Group
Re'enev (978-0-9777809-9-0) by Mike Maranhas, Pink Granite Productions
Retire Rich With Your Self-Directed IRA (978-0-910627-72-6) by Nora Peterson, Atlantic Publishing Group
Rooftop Diva (978-0-595-40234-2) by D. T. Pollard, iUniverse
Sacred Vow (978-0-9774271-4-7) by C.G. Walters, Dragon's Beard Publishing
Savannah by the Sea (978-1-59554-160-4) by Denise Hildreth, West Bow Press
Straight Into Gay America (978-0-9719415-1-9) by Lars Clausen and Anne Jacobsen Clausen (illustrator), Soulscapers
The Albanian Affairs (978-0-929701-79-0) by Susana Fortes, McPherson
The Essential Homer (978-1-930972-12-4) by Homer, translated and narrated by Stanley Lombardo, Parmenides Publishing
The Essential Iliad (978-1-930972-10-0) by Homer, translated and narrated by Stanley Lombardo, Parmenides Publishing
The Fisherman's Son (978-2-34567890-8) by Marilyn Peake, Double Dragon Publishing
The People's Act of Love (978-1-84195-730-2) by James Meek, Canongate US
The Secret River (978-1-84195-797-5) by Kate Grenville, Canongate US
The Teaching of Little Crow (978-0-9726618-1-2) by Angelina Heart, Heart Flame Publishing
The Way Out (978-0-7573-0392-0) by Christopher Lee Nutter, HCI Books
The Wisdom and Power of Music (978-0-8356-8947-2) by Don Campbell, Quest Books
The Woman I Left Behind (978-1-931896-22-1) by Kim Jensen, Curbstone Press
The Woman in White (978-0-86492-397-4) by Wilkie Collins, BTC Audiobooks, Goose Lane Editions
Trans/forming Feminisms (978-1-894549-61-5) by Krista Scott-Dixon (ed), Sumach Press
Watching (978-1-4196-3476-5) by J.A Pettitt, BookSurge
Where the Woodbine Twines (978-1-57072-315-5) by Sherry Austin, The Overmountain Press
Yes, You Can... Achieve Financial Harmony (978-0-9629788-4-5) by Sam Goller with Deborah Shouse, Stowers Innovations
Darcy and Elizabeth (978-1-4022-0563-7) by Linda Berdoll and n/a (illustrator), Sourcebookd Landmark
Devotion (978-0-8203-2874-4) by Julia Oliver, University of Georgia Press
Getorix (978-1-932158-74-8) by Judith Geary and Caroline S. Garrett (illustrator), Claystone Books/Ingalls
Legend of the Last Vikings - Taklamakan (978-0-9785892-9-5) by John Halsted and Jian Media (illustrator), Jian Media
Magdalene (978-1-4143-1028-2) by Angela Hunt, Tyndale Fiction
Nora's Army (978-0-931846-83-0) by Denis Collins, Washington Writers' Publishing House
Ride, Boldly Ride (978-0-9643283-4-1) by Mary Ramstetter, C Lazy Three Press
The Dove and the Devil (978-1-4120-7016-4) by Gradyn Bell and Alan Taylor (illustrator), Trafford Publishers
The Incredible Adventures of Enrique Diaz (978-1-59800-829-6) by Andrew J. Rodriguez, Outskirts Press
The Lady in the Spitfire (978-0-595-40151-2) by Helena P. Schrader, iUniverse
The Lawless Frontier (978-0-7860-1834-5) by Randy Denmon, Pinnacle/Kensington
The Morning Tree (978-0-9772750-0-7) Mimbrez Publishers
The Weight of Smoke (978-0-929701-80-6) by George Robert Minkoff, McPherson
To the Ends of the Earth (978-0-9777636-2-7) by Frances Hunter, Blind Rabbit Press
Unconfessed (978-1-59051-240-1) by Yvette Christianse, Other Press
A Man of His Village (978-0-595-39702-0) by Tanyo Ravicz, iUniverse
Angel Park (978-0-595-39102-8) by Patricia Kokinos, iUniverse
Coventry (978-0-9760963-7-5) by Joseph Bathanti, Novello Festival Press
Decline of the Lawrence Welk Empire (978-0-9766311-1-8) by Poe Ballantine, Hawthorne Books
Fire With Fire (978-0-9785202-0-5) by Allan Kahane, Pyro Publishing
Herald (hardcover edition) (978-1-4116-7170-6) by N.F. Houck and Phil Velikan (illustrator),
My Half of the Sky (978-0-9772081-1-1) by Jana McBurney-Lin, KOMENAR Publishing
Night Blind (978-0-595-39977-2) by Jan Worth, iUniverse
Soldiers in Hiding (978-0-9766311-3-2) by Richard Wiley, Hawthorne Books
47 Rules of Highly Effective Bank Robbers (978-0-9776276-6-0) by Troy Cook, Capital Crime Press
Baby Shark (978-0-9776276-9-1) by Robert Fate, Capital Crime Press
Bottom Bracket (978-1-894549-58-5) by Vivian Meyer, Sumach Press
Chailey's Daze (978-1-4259-1992-4) by Sarah Burtenshaw, AuthorHouse
Color Tour (978-0-9785732-0-1) by Aaron Stander, Writers and Editors
Dead Body in a Small Room (978-0-9786357-4-9) by Charles Deemer, The Sextant Press
Death Angel (978-1-933515-03-8) by Martha Powers, Oceanview Publishing
Deaths Witness (978-1-4022-0665-8) by Paul Batista and n/a (illustrator), Sourcebookd Landmark
Hazardous Duty (978-0-8254-2016-0) by Christy Barritt, Kregel Publications
Megis (978-0-595-38542-3) by Michael Genrich, iUniverse
My Last Secret (978-0-7387-0931-4) by Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore, Midnight Ink
No Time to Hide (978-0-8439-5667-2) by Rob Palmer, Leisure Books/Dorchester Publishing
Quarry (978-0-89672-574-4) by Susan Cummins Miller, Texas Tech University Press
South Beach Shakedown (978-1-933515-02-1) by Don Bruns, Oceanview Publishing
The Chase (978-0-9729503-2-9) by Jan Neuharth, Paper Chase Farms Publishing Group
The Perfect Assassin (978-1-933515-01-4) by Ward Larsen, Oceanview Publishing
Triple Cross (978-1-59058-302-9) by Kit Ehrman, Poisoned Pen Press
Finding Faith (978-1-58229-491-9) by Denise Hunter, Howard Books
Oki's Island (978-1-892442-35-2) by Kenny Kemp (author, illustrator), Alta Films Press
Savannah by the Sea (978-1-59554-160-4) by Denise Hildreth, West Bow Press
Squat (978-0-8054-3292-3) by Taylor Field, B&H Publishing Group
The Calling of Jujubee Forthright (978-1-932902-58-7) by Scott Philip Stewart, FaithWalk Publishing
The Novelist (978-0-8499-4483-3) by Angela Hunt, WestBow Press
The Passion of Mary Magdalen (978-0-9766843-0-5) by Elizabeth Cunningham, Monkfish Book Publishing
Uncharted (978-0-8499-4484-0) by Angela Hunt, WestBow Press
Walking Down the Wrong Path (978-1-58982-279-5) by Kathleen Kolberg, American Book Publishing
Winter Birds (978-0-7642-0015-1) by Jamie Langston Turner, Bethany House
A Circle of Dreams (978-0-9770183-1-4) by Annie Rogers, Bivens and Jensen Publishing
Better Days Ahead (978-0-9772187-0-7) by Charlie Valentine, English Mill Press
Coming Home (978-0-9767634-6-8) by Cissy Hassell, RoseHeart Publishing
Lemon Curd (978-0-9779780-0-7) by Homa Pourasgari and Jonathan Gullery (illustrator), Linbrook Press
Lulie (978-0-595-39898-0) by Jane Dawkins, iUniverse
Pieces of Silver (978-0-8254-3668-0) by Maureen Lang, Kregel Publications
Repentance (978-0-595-40892-4) by K. S. Rao., iUniverse
Sea Changes (978-0-9778561-0-7) by Bill Branley, One Sock Press
The Children of Talavera (978-1-4184-2925-6) by E. Warner Morrell, AuthorHouse
The Crossroads Cafe (978-0-9768760-5-2) by Deborah Smith, BelleBooks
The Sapphire Pendant (978-0-9770191-2-0) by Dara Girard, ILORI Press
The What-If Guy (978-0-9778018-0-0) by Taylor G. Wilshire, Nautilus Press
Winter Solstice (978-0-595-42042-1) by DAVID HUFFMAN, iUniverse
Science Fiction & Fantasy
A Grey Moon Over China (978-0-930773-78-6) by Thomas A. Day, Black Heron Press
Alien Deception (978-1-896944-34-0) by Tony Ruggerio, Dragon Moon Press
Atlantis 2 (978-1-4120-8992-0) by Meryl Heavens, Trafford Publishing
Book Two of Seven (978-1-4259-7412-1) by Luv Alston (author, illustrator), AuthorHouse
Colors (978-1-4116-7999-3) by Gordon W. Young, Lulu
Delon City (978-0-9792067-0-2) by R.W. Ridley, Middlebury House Publishing
Dusk Before the Dawn (978-0-7414-3016-8) by Larry Ketchersid, Infinity Publishing
Earth is Ours (978-1-4259-2364-8) by Gary W. Babb and Nick Johns (illustrator), AuthorHouse
Sojourn (978-1-896944-30-2) by Jana G. Oliver, Dragon Moon Press
The Darkling Band (978-1-896944-36-4) by Jason Henderson, Dragon Moon Press
The Future is Queer (978-1-55152-209-8) by Richard Labonte and Lawrence Schimel, editors, Arsenal Pulp Press
The Gryphon Highlord (978-1-896944-38-8) by Connie Ward, Dragon Moon Press
The Quantum Enzyme Code (978-0-595-39381-7) by David Frango, iUniverse
The Seranane Construct, Book One (978-0-595-40402-5) by Charlton Clayes (pseud.), iUniverse
Short Stories
Brides and Sinners in El Chuco (978-0-8165-2492-1) by Christine Granados, The University of Arizona Press
Casablanca and Other Stories (978-0-87013-768-6) by Edgar Brau, Michigan State University Press
Don't Kill Santa! (978-0-87483-746-9) by Donald Davis, August House
Necessary Lies (978-1-886157-56-9) by Kerry Neville Bakken, BkMk Press, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Sideshow (978-1-57966-068-0) by Sidney Thompson, River City Publishing
Southern Fried Women (978-0-9768469-3-2) by Pamela King Cable, Spotlight Publishing
The Cantor's Daughter (978-0-9766311-2-5) by Scott Nadelson, Hawthorne Books
The Hour of Bad Decisions (978-1-55050-337-1) by Russell Wangersky, Coteau Books
The Irish Martyr (978-0-268-04408-4) by Russell Working, University of Notre Dame Press
The Man Who Could Fly and Other Stories (978-0-8061-3738-4) by Rudolfo Anaya, University of Oklahoma Press
Voices from the Hollow (978-0-9776841-0-6) by Dr. Philip Reid Hirsh, Mariner Media
World Body (978-0-88984-284-7) by Clark Blaise, Porcupine's Quill

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure & Recreation
50 Classic Hikes in Nevada (978-0-87417-629-2) by Mike White, University of Nevada Press
California Trails Northern Sierra Region (978-1-930193-23-9) by Peter Massey, Jeanne Wilson, Angela Titus, Adler Publishing
Costa Rica (978-1-56656-617-9) by Hannah Robinson, Interlink Books
Extreme Kids (978-0-89997-373-9) by Scott Graham, Wilderness Press
Illustrated Diary of a Romantic Prussian Soldier (978-1-4259-4874-0) by Keith W Kaye MD and Thomas R Heysek, AuthorHouse
Wildlife Warrior (978-1-933197-17-3) by Tim Harrison and Tim Harrison, Chad Deboard (illustrator), Orange Frazer Press
World Party (978-1-84353-528-7) by Martin Dunford, editor, Rough Guides
American Religious Poems (978-1-931082-74-7) by Harold Bloom, editor, The Library of America
Balancing the Tides (978-1-234-56789-7) by Jamie Carr (editor), Many Birches Press
Connecting Lines: New Poetry from Mexico (978-1-932511-19-2) by Luis Cortes Bargallo, editor / Forrest Gander, translation editor, Sarabande Books
Eros and Equus (978-1-59543-388-6) by Edited by Laura Chester and Photography by Donna DeMari (illustrator), Willow Creek Press
Fresh Water (978-0-87013-789-1) by Alison Sawn, editor, Michigan State University Press
In Pieces (978-0-9711583-5-1) by Olivia Dresher (author, editor), Impassio Press
Let Me Tell You Where I've Been (978-1-55728-820-2) by Persis M. Karim, editor, University of Arkansas Press
Montana Women Writers (978-1-56037-379-7) by Caroline Patterson, Farcountry Press
Outsiders Within (978-0-89608-764-4) by Jane Treong Jenka, Julia Chinyere Oparah, and Sun Yung Shin, eds., South End Press
ParaSpheres (978-1-890650-18-6) by Ken Keegan (editor) and Rusty Morrison (editor), Omnidawn Publishing
Reading Writers Reading (978-0-88864-459-6) by Danielle Schaub, Photographer and Editor, University of Alberta Press
Short Stories of the Civil Rights Movement (978-0-8203-2851-5) by Margaret Early Whitt, editor, University of Georgia Press
Traces in Blood, Bone, and Stone (978-0-926147-17-1) by Kimberly Blaeser, Editor, Loonfeather Press
Trans/forming Feminisms (978-1-894549-61-5) by Krista Scott-Dixon (ed), Sumach Press
Untangled (978-0-9741251-4-5) by Keren Taylor, editor, WriteGirl Publications
Architecture of Democracy (978-0-8478-2793-0) by Allan Greenberg, Rizzoli
Historic Houses of Virginia (978-0-8478-2861-6) by Kathryn Masson and Photography by Steven Brooke (illustrator), Rizzoli
Irving J. Gill (978-1-58685-446-1) by Photographs by Marvin Rand with text by Esther McCoy, Gibbs Smith, Publisher
The Archaeology of Tomorrow (978-1-932771-93-0) by Travis Price, Earth Aware Editions
The Spectator and the Topographical City (978-0-8229-4288-7) by Martin Aurand, University of Pittsburgh Press
America's Art (978-0-8109-5532-5) by Smithsonian American Art Museum, Harry N. Abrams
Breast Cancer Recovery (978-1-886298-18-7) by Fran Padgett (author, illustrator), Bayou Publishing
Brushing the Spirit (978-1-932771-90-9) by Charan Sharma, Mandala Publishing
Domenico Tiepolo (978-0-253-34809-8) by Adelheid M. Gealt, Indiana University Press
Elias Rivera (978-1-55595-267-9) by Edwards Lucie-Smith and Edward Lucie Smith (editor), Hudson Hills Press
Godard: Don't Drink and Draw (978-1-929170-23-4) by Enfantino Publishing, PDG/Publishers Design Group
Goddesses of the Celestial Gallery (978-1-932771-89-3) by Romio Shrestha, Mandala Publishing
John Currin (978-0-8478-2865-4) by Texts by Norman Bryson, Dave Eggers, and Alison Gingeras and John Currin (illustrator), Rizzoli, in Association with Gagosian Gallery
Nancy Crow (978-1-933308-03-6) by Nancy Crow, Breckling Press
The Bible of Illuminated Letters (978-0-7641-5820-9) by Margaret Morgan, Barron's Educational
The Imprint of Place (978-0-89272-718-6) by David P. Becker, Down East Books
The Missing Peace (978-1-932771-92-3) by H.H. the Dalai Lama, Earth Aware Editions
Women's Tales (978-1-55595-270-9) by Davira S. Taragin, Alex Ward, Helen W. Drutt English, Hudson Hills Press
Autobiography & Memoir
Between Heaven and Ground Zero (978-0-7642-0286-5) by Leslie Haskin, Bethany House
David Suzuki (978-1-55365-156-7) by David Suzuki, Greystone Books
Desert of the Heart (978-0-9771272-4-5) by Karen Chamberlain, Ghost Road Press
For Those I Loved (978-1-57174-527-9) by Martin Gray and David Douglas Duncan (illustrator), Hampton Roads Publishing Company
From Private to General (978-0-9787428-8-1) by Jerry R. Curry, Believe Books
Good-bye to Mermaids (978-0-8262-1690-8) by Karin Finell, University of Missouri Press
Hand Luggage (978-0-88984-288-5) by P K Page, The Porcupine's Quill
Letters to Kate (978-0-87745-971-2) by Carl H. Klaus and Carl Klaus, University of Iowa Press
Mother and Me (978-0-89733-544-7) by Julian Padowicz, Academy Chicago Publishers
Notebooks (978-0-300-11682-3) by Tennessee Williams, Yale University Press
Our Roots Are Deep with Passion (978-1-59051-242-5) by Joanna Clapps Herman (editor) and Lee Gutkind (editor), Other Press
Prisoner of X (978-1-932595-13-0) by Allan MacDonell and cover by Dan Clowes (illustrator), Feral House
Scatter My Ashes Over Havana (978-0-9765096-4-6) by Olga Karman, Pureplay Press
Shooting Water (978-1-55704-711-3) by Devyani Saltzman, Newmarket Press
Swooning Beauty (978-0-87417-672-8) by Joanna Frueh, University of Nevada Press
The Way It Wasn't (978-0-8112-1676-0) by James Laughlin (edited by Barbara Epler & Daniel Javitch), New Directions Publishing
A Woman at War (978-0-8143-3249-8) by J. David Riva, Wayne State University Press
Blind Rage (978-1-56368-295-7) by Georgina Kleege, Gallaudet University Press
Boyhood With Gurdjieff (978-1-879514-05-8) by Fritz Peters, introduction by William Patrick Patterson, Arete
Brando Unzipped (978-0-9748118-2-6) by Darwin PORTER, Blood Moon Productions
Coretta (978-0-8006-3855-9) by Octavia Vivian, Fortress Press
Country Editor (978-1-884592-45-4) by Phyllis Meras, Images from the Past
Julius Rosenwald (978-0-253-34741-1) by Peter M. Ascoli, Indiana University Press
Karl Maybach: His Engines and Automobiles (978-1-933123-01-1) by Harry Niemann, Mercedes-Benz Classique Car Library
Keep A-goin' (978-0-9774486-1-6) by Tom Benjey, Tuxedo Press
Mandela (978-0-7407-5572-9) by Collaboration, Andrews McMeel Publishing
Mr. Confidential (978-0-9787671-2-9) by Samuel Bernstein, Walford Press
Revolutionary Heart (978-0-9764434-4-5) by Diane Eickhoff, Quindaro Press
Sergeant Nibley, Ph.D. (978-1-57345-845-0) by Hugh Nibley and Alex Nibley, Shadow Mountain
The Infamous King of the Comstock (978-0-87417-630-8) by Michael J. Makley, University of Nevada Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
Are You Running With Me, Jesus? (978-1-56101-275-6) by Malcolm Boyd, Cowley Publications
Back to Good (978-1-4184-5345-9) by Ken Ferrara, AuthorHouse
Circling San Francisco Bay (978-0-595-39191-2) by Ginny Anderson, iUniverse
Cosmic Trends (978-0-7387-0992-5) by Philip Brown, Llewellyn Worldwide
Courageous Souls (978-0-9776794-5-4) by Robert Schwartz, Whispering Winds Press
Drunk With Wonder (978-1-933906-17-1) by Steve Ryals, Rock Creek Press
Midwives of an Unnamed Future (978-0-87946-293-2) by Mary Ruth Broz, RSM, Barbara Flynn and Jean Clough (illustrator), ACTA Publications
Optimum Health and Healing (978-1-4259-1797-5) by Mathew Maniampra
Qigong Meditation (978-1-59439-067-8) by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, YMAA Publication Center
Slow is Beautiful (978-0-86571-554-7) by Cecile Andrews, New Society Publishers
Take Your Time (978-1-58638-018-2) by Eknath Easwaran, Nilgiri Press
Tending the Earth, Mending the Spirit (978-1-932472-46-2) by Connie Goldman and Richard Mahler and Kathy Staszak (illustrator), Nodin Press
The Original Gita (978-1-84728-124-1) by Gerard D.C. Kuiken,
The Ten Commitments (978-0-7573-0406-4) by David Simon, HCI Books
Wake Up Inspired (978-0-9779059-2-8) by Marian Baker, Master certified coach Marian Baker, and Dan Paterno (illustrator), New Story Press
Yogini (978-1-932771-88-6) by Janice Gates, Mandala Publishing
Business & Economics
365 Foolish Mistakes Smart Managers Make Every Day (978-0-910627-75-7) by Shri Henkel, Atlantic Publishing Group
Building Profit Through Building People (978-1-58644-069-5) by Ken Carrig, Patrick M. Wright, Society For Human Resource Management
eBay Income (978-0-910627-58-0) by Cheryl Russell, Atlantic Publishing Group
Green to Gold (978-0-300-11997-8) by Daniel C. Esty and Andrew S. Winston, Yale University Press
How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote, and Market Your Business or Web Site (978-0-910627-57-3) by Bruce Brown, Atlantic Publishing Group
Investors in Your Backyard (978-1-4133-0420-6) by Asheesh Advani, Nolo
Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Black Book of Connections (978-1-885167-66-8) by Jeffrey Gitomer, Bard Press
Kiss Theory Good Bye (978-0-9776848-0-9) by Bob Prosen, Gold Pen Publishing
Niche Envy (978-0-262-20165-0) by Joseph Turow, The MIT Press
Reverse Mergers (978-1-57660-231-7) by David Feldman with Steven Dresner, Bloomberg Press
The Art of Original Thinking (978-0-9774213-0-5) by Jan Phillips and n/a (illustrator), 9th Element Press
The Leadership Integrity Challenge (978-0-9768643-2-5) by Edward E. Morler, Sanai Publishing
The Nature of Leadership (978-0-8144-0894-0) by B. Joseph White, AMACOM
The Next Level (978-0-89106-193-9) by Scott Eblin, Davies-Black Publishing
What People Want (978-0-89106-216-5) by Terry R. Bacon, Davies-Black Publishing
225 Best Jobs for Baby Boomers (978-1-59357-325-6) by Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin, JIST Works
Corporate Characters (978-0-595-40910-5) by David A. Bragen and n/a (illustrator), iUniverse
Job Search Magic (978-1-59357-150-4) by Susan Britton Whitcomb, JIST Works
Lessons From a Headhunter... With Heart! (978-1-59298-137-3) by Patricia Comeford with Gina Sauer, Beaver's Pond Press
Making Money by Speaking (978-1-929194-41-4) by Gary Gagliardi, Clearbridge Publishing
Military to Federal Career Guide (978-0-9647025-7-8) by Kathryn Kraemer Troutman, The Resume Place
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