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Über Alles

A Novel of Love, Loyalty, and Political Intrigue In World War II

A World War II novel that challenges our preconceptions of those who waged it and those who watched it happen. Concentrating on the everyday humanity of the players on both sides, Über Alles paints a thought-provoking and disturbing portrait of how war affects everyday lives. Through this deeply personal picture of those who, hopelessly entangled in conflict, try to stay one step ahead of war as it hurtles toward them, this novel will challenge the notion that “it can’t happen here.”

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Robert Arthur Neff
Old Stone Press
Publication Date
Sep 15, 2016
Our Review (4 out of 5 stars)
This moving and riveting historical narrative is entertaining and readable, and is bound to appeal to anyone who appreciates a great story. Robert Arthur Neff’s "Über Alles" is a fully absorbing blend of history and fiction, an epic-length narrative in which stories intertwine and the... Read More