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The Sasquatch Murder

A Love Story

When Jake Holly accidentally shoots and kills a female sasquatch and takes her back to town, he is charged by the local prosecuting attorney with murder because the creature is so human-like. This imaginative, hard-to-classify, and tightly woven tale explains just how these creatures came to be traipsing around. With intricate details and bursts of literary language, Jeffery Viles offers a fast-moving narrative of events that shock the Pacific Northwest, then reverberate around the world.

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Author -- Jeffery Viles <>
Finalist: Foreword Indies and Best Book Award; Rave Reviews Clarion, Kirkus, and Readers Favorite
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None..Chinese interest expressed at Beijing Fair
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Jeffery Viles
Beaver's Pond Press
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Jul 25, 2017
Our Review (5 out of 5 stars)
"The Sasquatch Murder" is an accomplished and thoroughly enjoyable tale, the kind of book one is sorry to finish because it’s such good company. No typical bigfoot tale, Jeffery Viles’s "The Sasquatch Murder" is a genre-bending novel that mingles love, myth, reality, and humor in its... Read More