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Malila of the Scorch

Book Three of Old Men and Infidels

Like an angry dryad, Malila emerges from the jungle, demanding obedience. She has become the Voice of the Scorch and has a mission to an America on the verge of a war it cannot afford to lose. Jesse Johnstone, despite his distrust of the Scorch, becomes her bodyguard. Meanwhile vital information needs to be stolen from the Unity and only the denizens of the openCORE can make that happen. Loves and lives are lost and found in a age-torn new America.

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W. Clark Boutwell
Indigo River Publishing
Publication Date
Nov 29, 2019
Our Review (4 out of 5 stars)
"Malila of the Scorch" is a thrilling dystopia whose characters fight to defend everything that matters most. A handful of spies and fighters are the only people who can save America from invasion in W. Clark Boutwell’s novel "Malila of the Scorch". By the twenty-second century, wars have split... Read More