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Book Review

The Train to Orvieto

by Karen Rigby

With careful settings and raw seams, "The Train to Orvieto" is a fascinating journey of sins come home to roost. "The Train to Orvieto" details a Midwestern ingenue’s love for art—as narrated by her daughter—and the folly that... Read More


6 Best Historical Fiction Novels of Winter

by Hannah Hohman

History is a curious thing—much of it is shrouded in mystery, uniquely indecipherable, lost to history. Of course, that doesn’t stop fiction writers from trying. To tell the story of the past, authors have delved into history and... Read More


Powerful Feelings From Winter 2017

by Hannah Hohman

Heartbreak and sadness, freedom and love—all are feelings invoked in these commanding literary works. It’s what draws readers to the genre; powerful emotions that bring you into the story. Literary writing is an art to make you feel,... Read More


Inspiring Gift Books Reviewed in May/June

by Matt Sutherland

Do you go to gift books for inspiration? Do you look to them for knowledge? Or do you receive them as, well, gifts and display them on your coffee table? Gift books can do more; they can teach and motivate you. If you need a gift book too... Read More

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