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Let Them Speak: Green Card Youth Voices

by Hannah Hohman

When you picture an immigrant, what is in your mind? Do you see a wall being stacked brick by brick between you and another country? Do you see the Mayflower, sailing over to find religious refuge? Do you see your parents or grandparents... Read More


Indie Books Add Voices of Immigrants

by Hannah Hohman

Immigrant: a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country. America has been a place of immigrants longer than it has been the United States of America. Immigrants were on the Mayflower. Immigrants built new lives here and... Read More


5 Tales of Immigrants from Summer 2016

by Hannah Hohman

The immigrant’s story is often one of hardship and struggle. New customs and new expectations make their new life difficult, but the promise of a better life is the ultimate reward. Travel from one country to the next with these people... Read More

Book Review


by Julia Ann Charpentier

Opening in 1900 in the New Mexico Territory, with strategic stops on the way to 1977, every chapter packs a powerful punch or an uplifting message. Monetary success and the American dream remain elusive, intangible concepts in this story... Read More

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