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Book Review

Vegan Pasta

by Rachel Jagareski

Clémence Catz’s "Vegan Pasta" includes fifty creative, eye-popping recipes to inspire your next meal. With punchy updates of classic Italian pasta sauces and tantalizing new flavor combinations for every season, the book’s emphasis... Read More

Book Review

Bourbon Is My Comfort Food

by Sarah White

Heather Wibbels’s "Bourbon Is My Comfort Food" is a beautiful, detailed guide to making and enjoying bourbon cocktails. Wibbels notes that many classic cocktails are made with bourbon, including Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, bourbon... Read More

Book Review

The Nutmeg Trail

by Meg Nola

Eleanor Ford’s enticing cookbook "The Nutmeg Trail" explores the global history and use of spices—not just in cuisine, but in medicinal remedies, incense, and aphrodisiacs. Ford notes that the spice trade lured explorers for... Read More

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