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Book Review

The Kitchen

by Matt Sutherland

No, you don’t see a book like this every day—a four-color, professionally photographed, coffee-table-worthy marijuanapedia. If you or your unemployed nephew needs gardening details about the use of clones vs. seeds, hydroponics,... Read More

Book Review

Odin's Promise

by Aimee Jodoin

Set in Norway during the 1940 German occupation, this heartrending, heartpounding tale follows eleven-year-old Mari and her dog, Odin, as they face the dangers of the Nazis and of growing up. Teeming with emotion, the quiet narrative... Read More

Book Review

Phone Call from Hell

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Woods’s concise sensory details create horror and gruesomeness, as well as a solid visual impression. A criminal twilight zone reminiscent of the classic television series meets hardcore realism in this jaded twist on human nature.... Read More

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