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What If We're Him?

There's Something Going On Here...The Transformation of Spirituality

Organized religions teach people to perceive God as an entity separated from the human beings this higher power has created. Externalized and projected into various images, this conception changes form based on cultural expectations. Every religious institution uses different art forms and symbolic depictions extracted from documents considered sacred, such as the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran. Christianity focuses on Jesus, and in the eyes of fundamentalists he is literally the Son of God. Not everyone, however, interprets Biblical events in this manner. Some see Jesus as the founder of an institution and a child of God, but not as the exclusive incarnation of God.

What If We’re Him is an open-minded evaluation of what can be narrow-minded doctrine. In this illuminating book, author Pascucci discusses his own experiences with the Catholic Church and his later rejection of traditional dogma. Though far from an atheist, he does not accept the basis of Christian religion—that Jesus is the only Son of God. His work has a confessional tone, but he states his beliefs in a manner that requires the reader to give careful thought to his ideas.

Interspersed with his New Age philosophy are reminiscences from Pascucci’s early years. His conflicts and insecurities as well as his clarifying moments are presented in an interesting, confidential manner. His conversational style keeps the pages turning, and the mood he evokes is much like an intellectual response to an articulate companion in a café. Though his work may not appeal to everyone, especially not to those who have committed to a particular religious canon and creed, he will attract optimistic individuals who seek an alternative to rigid conviction established in another time.

Dr. Gene Pascucci describes himself as a metaphysician by passion and a dentist by profession. For the last thirty years he has devoted himself to probing study and spiritual enlightenment. He lives in Reno, Nevada.

This author dares to analyze the logic behind faith-based recognition of Jesus as the sole path to God, a fatherly representation that appeals to those who do not want to put the tenets of a recognized church under scrutiny. Dr. Pascucci suggests that we implement the positive power that lives within us all. He asserts that our own conscious presence is our sense of God. From that standpoint, we are God.

Reviewed by Julia Ann Charpentier

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