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The Switched

Are children actually being abducted from their homes in the middle of the night by aliens? Does the presumably Lost City of Atlantis exist in physical reality on another planet? Is our military engaged in an elaborate cover-up of alien activity, beginning with the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico incident in which a U.F.O. crashed and was recovered by the Air Force? Did the military and alien forces enter an agreement known as the Dreamland Alliance in which the government receives alien advanced technology every ten years in exchange for their agreement to keep alien activities secret?

Questions like these are addressed in Sacco’s allegedly fictitious book, The Switched. This simply-told accounting of ten-year-old Franky Carter’s repeated abductions by aliens culminates in a five day training on a planet called Fathom Sound. Here young Franky meets his teacher, Emily, who patiently instructs him in the elements of their philosophy and way of life known as Devout Reality. The aliens hope to slowly indoctrinate young children in the principles of Devout Reality so that Earth may eventually be ready to spiral upward from its current three to six rating on the Social Order scale to the level nine already reached by Fathom Sound. It is in this higher state of balance and harmony with nature on Fathom Sound that Franky sees square clouds, animals migrating in perfect unison and pyramids floating magically in the air.

Franky is told that his memory will be altered for his own protection and that of the of earthly inhabitants. He determinedly escapes to another part of the island planet where he reviews his experience free from the memory-altering conditions of the training camp. In later years his memory is triggered, resulting in hypnosis therapy with a doctor well versed in alien abductions. Unfortunately, his doctor is brutally murdered and Franky and his wife Rebecca barely escape to reunite with one of Franky’s classmates from Fathom Sound. A chase scene similar to one of those in the immensely popular Star Wars series commences, with final intervention by Franky’s alien friends. Franky and his co-horts have to promise the military to keep their experience secret, in exchange for their lives.

A captivating tale with an alarming undercurrent of reality. The Switched is sure to inspire thoughts for New Age visionaries contemplating the future of the Earth. Readers believing in or having experienced alien life will applaud Sacco’s courage and tenacity in publishing this story.

Kimberly Creamer

Reviewed by Kimberly Creamer

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