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On God's Path

The Unfolding Story of Humanity

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

S. Craig George applies the knowledge he has gained from his education and employment in the fields of engineering, earth sciences, and theology to take a new look at the history of the Earth and humankind. The happy result is his first book, the thought-provoking On God’s Path.

George, who writes from a Christian/Catholic background, offers a brief primer on several topics, from the formation and development of the cosmos to the similar views that emerged within the world’s major religions during the Axial Age, before Jesus’ birth. George notes that compassion, thoughtfulness, connectedness, and the rejection of violence, greed, hatred, and egoism were universally venerated during the period between 800 B.C.E. and 200 B.C.E. (coined the Axial Age by philosopher Karl Jasper). Shortly thereafter, Jesus came on the scene and reinterpreted many of the existing tenets and laws.

“Since this book deals primarily with humanity as a whole and explores the possibility of humanity on a path of moral progress, Jesus’ introductions of new standards in moral teaching are of special interest,” George writes.

The author takes issue with fundamentalists who discount scientific evidence and espouse a literal interpretation of the Biblical account of creation. “Although the Bible contains some historically correct information, it also contains some stories which were intended to convey theological truths,” he writes.

Looking at the current trajectory of humanity, George sees positive developments in the last few centuries, perhaps signaling a second Axial Age—a new turning point.

Notably, slavery has been mostly eradicated, and a more enlightened sense of human and civil rights has been embraced in most countries. As greater numbers of people seek the Divine in churches and within themselves, they will understand that “we are from Christ, we are always one with Christ, and our destiny will be fulfillment in Christ.”

Meanwhile, it is up to individuals to take a role in the future of humanity. He asks, “Are we living in a way that respects the truth and that can lead the world to be a more Christ-like place?” He calls on everyone to live as an “agent” of God to fulfill His plan for Creation, namely peace and brotherhood.

The book’s front cover features an image connecting Earth and Christianity. It includes an index and a sizable number of references but numerous typographical errors may be disconcerting to attentive readers.

Written with the layperson in mind, On God’s Path is designed to stimulate thinking and encourages readers to reevaluate their view of history in a way that does not put evolution at odds with the Christian creation story. Whether George has made his case for a new Axial Age—with humanity at one with Christ—likely depends on whether readers share the author’s religious beliefs.

Reviewed by Linda Salisbury

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