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Integrity's Impact

Your Practical Guide to Integrity's Power, Benefits, & Use

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Scandal is something that gets considerable attention. It doesn’t matter if the party or parties involved in the indiscretion are political figures celebrities business executives or the girl next door. People can’t help but to raise a moral eyebrow when someone is caught doing something that goes against perceived notions of what is considered “good” behavior for that individual. In recent years there have been numerous reports of scandal. Initially these incidents may seem harmless and to not affect other people. The complete opposite is true. The effects of bad judgment particularly in business have a domino effect that is often difficult to reverse. In his book Integrity’s Impact Mark Willson provides a practical method for avoiding such situations — to become an individual of “outstanding integrity.”

Most adults know the significance of being honest and behaving in an honorable manner. This basic premise of integrity is not newsworthy. However as Willson points out “The concept of integrity isn’t very clear in most people’s minds.” Fashioned as an exciting revelation Willson presents a life-changing formula that he assures will help “free yourself from distractions find more time in your day help others to help you overcome objections and neutralize obstacles” and as an additional benefit “detect and resolve leadership crises before they get out of control.”

In a majority of the book Willson teaches the reader how to live life according to his redefined approach to integrity by expanding on 80 instructional nuggets that he refers to as CrossFire Guidelines. The remaining sections of the book include a definition of the CrossFire Method of which the book and its future siblings are based and additional informational tidbits related to living a life of valued integrity. There is also a superfluous outline of the book’s format intended to help people obtain the most benefit from the book.

The main lesson in Integrity’s Impact is that integrity is a personal attribute whose impact extends beyond the person initiating the predicament. In the book the impact to which the title eludes refers mainly to people in a business setting. However the strategies presented are beneficial to anyone interested in adding value to their life. The scenarios and stories in the book are interesting and help to solidify the ideas expressed. Willson has more than 20 years of experience working with businesses and knows this audience well. He effectively presents the information in small chunks so that it is very easy to read and includes recaps at the end of every chapter so that from it someone is able to quickly grasp the significance of the lesson.

Reviewed by Haletha Judkins

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