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Feng Shui

How to Create Harmony and Balance in Your Living and Working Environment

“For qi to be beneficial and nourishing, you need to make sure it keeps flowing—not too quickly and not too slowly.” It seems that Henwood and Choy have applied this same principle describing energy or life force in writing this charming and informative book on Feng Shui, the Chinese art of achieving balance and harmony between humans and their environment.

Considering the many books about Feng Shui on the market, Henwood and Choy cover the topic well and add solid examples of how to maintain balance in the midst of challenges that surround one. The text is simple and written so that it is not necessary to have read anything else on the topic to benefit from the “cures” suggested. Oriental terms are interwoven with English descriptions to give one a good taste of this Eastern treasure being shared with Western minds; this is further reinforced with a basic glossary at the end. What adds to the book’s draw as perfect for beginners are the ample charts and illustrations which easily convey concepts that other, more sophisticated texts on the subject have made much more challenging to understand. It is filled with cures, tools and solutions for a multitude of problems that may be encountered in anyone’s living environment, including a delightful “keeping peace with your neighbors” ritual found near the end of the book.

Feng Shui teaches how to transform sha qi, negative energy, caused by sharp corners, referred to as secret arrows by Henwood. Perhaps the only secret arrow found here is the scant coverage given to understanding the use of the mingua, a feng shui tool of great importance for locating the areas that need attention in your surroundings.

Henwood’s and Choy’s Feng Shui is a good book for beginners looking for positive change in one’s relationships, career, health and prosperity. (March).

Reviewed by Kathleen Campbell

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