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Books We've Reviewed from University of Iowa Press

Book Review


The author’s second book and winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize, this volume reads like glossolalia: it’s an ecstatic speaking in tongues. “O verb, o void. Not more loose,... Read More

Book Review


Given the American obsession with sports, it is hardly surprising that many American poets should have turned their attention that way. In this generous gathering of sports... Read More

Book Review

American Diaspora

America has become home to many of the world’s peoples, scattered by war, famine, and economic hardship, drawn here by the desire to live the American dream. According to... Read More

Book Review

Visiting Emily

For many, to be a poet is to love Emily Dickinson. There is an inevitability to this affair, and her influence on American poetry elicits a form of worship in the poems written... Read More

Book Review

H. D.

Long known mainly as the author of tiny Imagist poems, H. D. (Hilda Doolittle) has been increasingly recognized as a major Modernist writer. A classmate of Ezra Pound and... Read More

Book Review

Picturing Utopia

Some of the photographs stand best alone as striking compositions, but the entire body of work that builds into a composite history is more important than any single image…The... Read More

Book Review

Boomer Girls

The question sent out by the editors in the submission call: “Where were you between Betty Crocker and Gloria Steinem?” defines the generational poems collected here. Boomer... Read More