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Gumshoe Rock

Rob Leininger’s "Gumshoe Rock" is a gritty one-two punch of a PI mystery that tracks Mortimer Angel through a tense, gruesome investigation in Reno. Mort is everything a... Read More

Book Review

Wrong Light

Matt Coyle’s gripping noir novel "Wrong Light" showcases a world-weary PI battling old adversaries in a complicated femme fatale case. Retired cop turned private investigator... Read More

Book Review

Blood Truth

"Blood Truth" builds up compelling mysteries and thunders toward a surprising ending. Matt Coyle’s engrossing noir thriller "Blood Truth" finds Rick Cahill dredging up family... Read More

Book Review

The Last Girl

Vega is a perfectly flawed, Technicolor noir detective: obsessive, neurotic, and self-indulgent. "The Last Girl" is a modern noir set in steamy Florida in which an ex-reporter... Read More

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