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Book Review

Crude Angel

Angels, however crude, fear a few places, according to E. M. Foster, but the same cannot be said of poets. Boundlessly curious, no subject is off limits for bards like Suzanne... Read More

Book Review

Secret Wounds

In his poem “A Psychiatrist’s Double Life,” Richard M. Berlin takes readers to the heart of his collection: “I became a doctor-poet / and my colleagues shunned me twice,... Read More

Book Review

Tongue of War

In this collection, Tony Barnstone explores the events of World War II in the Pacific from both sides of the conflict. As his poem “Hindsight” puts it, “Seems everyone has... Read More

Book Review

Fence Line

“It felt like cold wind on a hot day,” ends the first poem in this collection, and such calm, understated Midwestern images are one of the poet’s signature notes. This... Read More

Book Review

A Bed of Nails

With cover art representing twisted, piercing fish hooks, this collection of thirteen short stories seems to promise sharp menace and pain. What arises through the movement of... Read More