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  • Book of the Day

    The Carousel of Desire

    This inventively gratifying libertine comedy of errors chooses a Brussels neighborhood as the site of a grand experiment in human connection.

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  • Are Wasp Parts in Your Figs?

    And Other Questions of Man-Nature Interdependence

    Mike Shanahan, author of "Gods, Wasps and Stranglers," shows how the fig tree and the wasp coevolved into a state of complete interdependence. It’s a good way of thinking about our relationship with nature.

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  • Fresh Insights are Found in Old School Romance, Far Flung Fantasies

    These stories are studded with strong heroines, laugh-out-loud pratfalls, and passions that linger. Pushing the boundaries of the same old boy-meets-girl story, readers will find fresh insights into cultures and courtships.

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  • Climate Change: Learn and Help

    Climate change is happening—but what exactly is it and what can we do to help? With these six books from our Fall 2016 issue, you can get the information you need and the knowledge to help.

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  • Men, Here's a Romantic Thought: Romance Novels Are Not All About You

    With an 84 percent female readership, romances tend to be novels written by women, for women. The average reader is educated, makes over $55K per year, and prefers strong story over sexy cover art. So why is reading romance still a little bit taboo?

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  • A Natural High

    Finding Joy in the Wild

    Michael Branch’s newest book, Raising Wild, (Roost Books) is about parenting in the high Sierra, but it’s also an extended, often hilarious, look at what can be gained from living vividly in nature.

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  • Michael Branch's Raising Wild Cocktail

    Author Michael Branch: " “Because we dwell on the wild edge of the ecotone where the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin meet, this drink is a refresher that evokes both our home mountains and our home desert.”

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  • Not Just Superheroes

    Best Graphic Novels of Fall 2016

    For some, graphic novels call to mind capes and masks. But they cover considerably more ground, and their territory is ever expanding. This selection includes biographies of lauded figures and explorations of illness, among other grand topics.

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  • Is There a Correct Way to Remember 9/11?

    Jay Aronson and "Who Owns the Dead?"

    While 9/11 books are plentiful, this may be the first to honor the varied voices of those who waited to hear if any traces of their loved ones were found; who fought hard to make sure that the remnants of the towers were treated with respect.

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  • Sorry, Dewey, Decimals are Outdated

    The Catalog of the Future will Aid Indies

    The Dewey Decimal System is a strange beast. The world has changed a lot since 1899. Dewey never dreamed of books about women, African Americans, or gay people. But there are alternatives. Librarian Blogger Anna Call reports.

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