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Whole-Body Dentistry

A Complete Guide to Understanding the Impact of Dentistry on Total Health

Did you know that there is more to dentistry than just your mouth? Traditional dentistry is focused on oral hygiene, cavities, and etc. Whole-Body Dentistry represents a shift away from this approach and offers what some feel is a revolutionary view of dentistry, one that recognizes that physical and energetic issues in the mouth can trigger seemingly unrelated physical illnesses. This award-winning book provides the knowledge that you need to make informed decisions. Take charge of your health.

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Mona Briener <>
Bronze Medal Winner 2012 e-lit Award, Finalist 2012-2013 e-book Book of the Year Awards, Finalist Book of Year Award, Winner 2012 Global E-Book Award, and Winner 2013 Eric Hoffer Honorable Mention Award
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Mark A. Breiner
Quantum Health Press, LLC
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September 2011
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Harvard scientists recently concluded that adding fluoride to water can probably cause significant neurological damage in children. Yet many conventional dentists would work to keep the chemical added to the water supply for benefits to teeth that it may or may not provide when ingested. Should... Read More